16 Essential Questions – International Business Traveller’s Quiz

6 07 2006

16 Essential Questions – International Business Traveller’s Quiz

Every international business traveller should be able to answer these questions about their destination before getting on the plane.

  1. What is the size of the country; population and area?

  2. What are the top 3 or 5 cities, and why?
  3. Who is the President?
  4. What are the main political parties?
  5. What are the official languages?
  6. What is the ethnic makeup of the country?
  7. What is the climate and weather throughout the year?
  8. What are some of the important geographic features (rivers, mountains, lakes)?
  9. What are the major religions?
  10. What countries are neighbors?
  11. What is the currency and exchange rate?
  12. What are the countries biggest industries; national and export?
  13. Who are your competitors, and how long have they been established in the country?
  14. What are 3 significant issues affecting your industry in this country?
  15. What are 3 significant national issues that are in the news in the last 2 weeks?
  16. What national holidays or events will be celebrated during your visit

If you can’t answer every question. Set aside an hour, fire up the Internet, and do your homework.

It may be the most important hour you spend preparing for the trip.

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4 responses

18 12 2006

So a copy of the CIA world factbook would make for good reading in the airport departure lounge I guess huh?

18 12 2006
Lee Iwan

Great place to start….every business traveller should have a copy and visit the website!



7 01 2008
Dennis McMahon


Don’t know about anybody else, but travelling without some basics of the language is pretty frustrating, even if most contacts speak English.

I’ve been in Indonesia for 4 months and while I’m learning some of the language, what happens when I travel to the next place?

I’ve just ordered a 2 way communicator from Ectaco and I’m so excited I also put up a website to market the things!

Check it out and if anybody has any feedback on their experiences with such equipment I’d love to hear about it.


25 09 2009

hi guys i liked this Business Quiz it is good and for all the quiz buffs.

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