The Cronos Syndrome – is it affecting your career?

27 07 2006

The Cronos Syndrome is a term used to describe the behaviour of managers who deliberately attempt to destroy the careers and successes of their subordinates.

Not to be confused with the Greek god Chronos, the god of time.

Cronos (Kronus or Kronos) was a Greek god (known as Saturn in Roman mythology), the son of Uranus, father of Zeus, he became ruler of the universe. He was told in a prophecy that one of his children would eventually dethrone him. In order to protect himself and stay in power, he ate several of his children at their birth, but eventually was tricked by his wife and Zeus was left alive.

The Cronos Syndrome affects managers who have been in their positions for 7 or more years, have moderate or limited education and suffer from moderate to severe personal and professionally insecurity. They fear and take action against persons under their control, who they perceive as threatening their power, therefore the comparison “they eat their young”.

It’s a frightening proposition to discover that your boss is out to get you….we all imagine they are…but how many are suffering from the Cronos Syndrome and actually are plotting and planning your downfall?


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