The business leadership crisis, are you part of the problem?

6 07 2006

Rosa Say has given us some food for thought in a piece entitled Where’s the Boss at She identifies significant problems with executives today…..the inability to implement empowerment in the organization and the lack of executive involvement in the day-to-day operations. True leadership has disappeared from many organizations

A leader must understand what is happening at the day-to-day operations level if they wish to understand the business. The real action happens (or doesn’t happen) at this level, and not in the corporate boardroom.

The bosses job consists of two major activities: facilitating the work and efficiency of workers and creating strategies, goals and objective for the future. You can’t supervise efficiently, intervene or lead unless your people believe in you and your understanding of their jobs.

When was the last time you rolled up your sleeves and spent a full day at the operations level, listening, asking questions and observing?

Do you know what your people do and what is preventing them from doing it better?

Shouldn’t this be part of your daily routine?

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