The right breakfast can boost your brainpower

1 09 2006

Got an all day meeting with the boss, attending a seminar or conference, have important negotiations with clients or suppliers, cranking out a mountain of work today? If you haven’t had the right food for breakfast, you results may be up to 20% below your capabilities.

A study by Duke University on children revealed evidence that what you eat in the morning has a definite effect on your ability to learn and concentrate. Link

This is especially relevant for the business traveller. Too often breakfast is a cup of coffee and a donut. Add up the factors of jet lag, a poor night’s sleep, change in personal routine, late night wining and dining clients, stress, and a lousy breakfast and you can quickly see how your professional results might not be at 100%.

Eat that brain boosting breakfast, protein and whole grains; including oatmeal, whole grain bread, toast or cereal, dried fruits or an egg white omelet. Turn your back on sugary and refined starches. Do yourself a favor, eat the right breakfast and let your brain work at 100% for the rest of the day.

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Take a break, it does help your memory

29 06 2006 has found scientific proof that supports the idea that your memory will be helped by taking breaks….this is wonderful news for all of us who enjoy milling around the office from time to time.

The only comment I have is that the research is based on rats. Rats….I understand that rats are used in research and the results applied to humans…but am I going to be able to justify my next break because it was good for a rats memory?

Do I have to scurry from my desk to the coffee machine, hugging the walls, for the break to be effective?

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