New is a requirement

20 06 2007

We are creatures of habit.

We enjoy and feel comfortable with a routine.

We create routines in our personal and professional lives constantly.

We wake up around the same time, go to work at an appointed hour, drink coffee at a scheduled time.

We tend to focus and concentrate on our specific career area, and in doing so are excluding influences and relationships that matter.

New and different influences and relationships that can dramatically change the way we work, feel and create.

Even our free time is scheduled and programmed.

We read the same papers, watch the same programs, go out at the same time, and surround ourselves with the same people and experiences.

In order to maintain interest and excitement in our professional and personal lives we need to learn, experience or add something New.

Turn the microscopic view of our lives into a telescopic view and look for the New relationships and New elements of influence.

We can’t change, innovate, modify, evolve and grow if we don’t have access to New.

New ideas.

New learning.

New skills.

New methods.

New relationships.

New challenges.

New does not seep into us by accident, it requires active participation on our part.

We must seek it out, experiment, and take chances.

Find it, analyze it, embrace it or reject it.

New does not always make us happy, in fact it can create conflicts and anxiety which ultimately lead to better definition of what we want, or what we are doing.

We can find New in books, magazines, web logs, articles, especially if they are unrelated to our current business.

New can be found by taking a different route to work, shopping in a different area, eating different foods or in different spaces.

New can be found in any person whom we haven’t had a conversation with.

We have to make the conscious decision to break our routines and seek out New.

When was the last time you encountered something New?

When will be the next time?

What can we do today to find New?

When creating our weekly agenda, keeping in mind that we must dedicate time to actively seeking experiences and information that are outside of our comfort zones and areas of expertise.

Find something New today.

Start a list, when you find something New write it down.

Encourage the people around us to discover and share something New.

Watch how New begins to change your life and decisions, enthusiasm and attitude.

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7 responses

20 06 2007
Chiva Congelado

Very simple: Get out of your comfort zone. Eat something you haven’t tried. Go somewhere you haven’t been. Take lessons in something you never thought you’d be good at. Just give it a try!

Changing countries every once in a while is the extreme version, but it works wonders… =)

20 06 2007
Lee Iwan

Without a doubt changing countries is quite a bit of New….in everything you do….24 hours a day…7 days a week.


20 06 2007

I’ve been changing countries almost as much as it looks like Lee has – it’s not for everyone. But definitely doing it every once in a while, or at least once in a lifetime, is highly recommended. You’ll never me the same. :-)

21 06 2007
Looking for New? It’s in another country « Lee Iwan Accumulated Experience

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26 06 2007
Looking for something new? Try India « Outsourcing and Call Center Blog

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1 07 2007
Pete Aldin

I’m a “new” reader, and I’m glad I visisted. Thanks!

15 10 2009

I’m a new comer to blogging, a new immigrant in Montreal, a new student at the universty. The first step is destabilizing… then I enjoy the changes… when the routines catch me again I try a new experience.
Who said it’s easy? but it’s worth trying.

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