Need to know about Leon Guanajuato?

23 03 2007

Yet another Squidoo lens. This time focused on Leon Guanajuato Mexico. Happens to be the town I’ve been living in for the past 15 years.

Information about Leon Guanajuato

Leon is internationally “famous” for the shoe making and leather industry (80+% of all Mexican shoes, boots and leather goods come from Leon).

Leon is also growing due to the automotive industry and an “industrial corridor” being created between Leon and Celaya.

On top of all this, the service sector continue to expand and grow due to the population growth, the Poliforum Convention and Exhibition Center and the Poliforum Cultural Center.

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6 responses

18 08 2007
9 10 2007
pat smith

My name is pat smith my company global sources group is looking to produce a full lin of shoes in mexico. We need to find a company that has the capability to manufacture eva style shoes like the croc shoe if you can help us find or recommend factories that have the machines to handle the job my phone is 561-578-2717 us or email me at

26 05 2008
Sean Hull

Hi Lee,

Kudos to you for your efforts with the understandmexico website – lots of opportunities in/from Mexico, just hard to find them. Anyway, I have a website that sells handcrafted sandals from around the work & would like to add traditional handcrafted Mexican huaraches. Since Leon seems to be the epicenter of shoe manufacturing in Mexico, I thought I would start there. Anyway, I am having a hrad time tracking doen potential “manufacturers” – any hints how to proceed? Best to reach me via my email:

Thank you!


PS- I cam across your blog by googling “leon mexico business”

24 02 2010
Pam Buck

Hi Lee
I see the comments are a few years old, but I am hoping you can lead me in right direction, or even make a recommendation for a ladies shoe manufacturer in Mexico. I am not having any luck. Thanks so much.

15 09 2018
Harry Simon

Want to add Stacy Baldwin Shoes to my men’s shoe dept, Harry Simon, owner, Manny Simon Menswear, 6635 Harrisburg Blvd, , Houston, Texas. 77011. 832 541 039, estb. 1928

15 09 2018
Harry Simon

correct phone # 832 541 0397

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