Discount and Budget Airlines in Mexico

16 01 2007

Low cost and budget airlines are finding their way to Mexico.

These new airlines are offering international flights and national flights between intermediate cities in Mexico previously only accessible through bus lines or at much higher prices via the full service airlines.

The budget minded vacation or business traveller should check out the schedules and prices of these airlines next time you are travelling in and around Mexico.

Aero California


Alma de Mexico

America West


A Volar



Click Mexicana



Jet Blue


Mexus Airlines



Viva Aerobus


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5 responses

14 03 2007
Chiva Congelado

Wasn’t Gol, the Brazilian budget airline, about to launch operations in Mexico?

15 03 2007

The only news I have about GOL is this piece, regarding flights from Peru to Mexico.

Their website shows no mention of Mexico yet.

23 11 2007

These airlines and their lower costs are wonderful. In fact, I have used Volaris several times. It’s just too bad that their customer service stinks! To think that Volaris is the brainchild of the two richest men in Mexico, one of whom is currently ranked as this richest man in the world — Carlos Slim — and they can’t seem to make a priority of a website that works or customer service agents that have a reasonable grasp of English — yet they want to partly serve the US market that travels to Mexico. I speak Spanish so it’s not a big problem for me. E-mails to their customer service address go unanswered, their ‘chat’ operators tell you to call the telephone operators because they can’t really do much, their telephone operators tell you that they are sorry, but they can’t do anything about various problems, either–this after being on the phone for 35 or 40 inutes. To name the most flagrant issues, one can presumably pre-order a ticket for Volaris’ various shuttles…but their site offer reservation dates as far back as two years ago and none that exceed beyond LAST month!! I have explained this and similar other ordering problems to their customer service agents three times over the past 6 months over all three communication mechanisms (e-mail, phone, chat). It’s unbelievable that these problems are not internally transferred to the correct department to fix. Even the shuttle ticket clerks admit that they have mentioned this to persons inside the company–but nothing is done. And this doesn’t even cover problems with ticket purchases, confirmatory e-mail problems, site registration issues… One gets what they pay for, I guess…

11 01 2008

I am a big proponent and user of discount airlines and I travel in Mexico frequently. I was so excited to see some of the fares for Viva Aerobus that I immediately scheduled two trips. One in NOvember and for January. Unfortunately we have had problems with both trips. On the first our return trip was changed with no one informing us. We arrived to the airport to find that the schedule had been completely changed and we would no longer be able to make a connection in Monterrey. All flights were booked for the next two days and they would do nothing other than offer to fly us out late two days later.

Our mistake was thinking the second trip might be different. (It was a trip I really wanted to make happen or I wouldn’t have given a thought to keeping the tickets. We have been checking in with them religiously leading up to our trip – schedule is the same they always said. 3 days after our last call we receive an email that our Saturday to Tuesday trip had now been unilaterally changed to Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon. Hmm – that gives us the opportunity to spend what 12 hours outside of the airport.

I love Mexico – but the words discount Mexican airline will from this point forward always give me pause.

22 01 2008

Just a quick update to my story above. Our January trip required two different round trip tickets. Ciudad Juarez – Monterrey and then Monterrey – Morelia. As recounted above our Monterrey to Morelia flight was unilaterally changed 3 weeks before the trip. This of course made it impossible for us to travel. But even if that hadn’t happened, 3 DAYS before our scheduled departure the Juarez – Monterrey segment was also drastically changed. The notice we received 3 days before we were scheduled to leave was not marked as a notice of flight change. It was labeled receipt and if you didn’t look very carefully, you would think it was just a duplicate receipt of your original purchase. There was absolutely nothing to draw your attention to the fact that a change had even been made.

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