Christmas bonus – the aguinaldo in Mexico

5 12 2006

Employers in Mexico are required by law, to give employees a Christmas bonus.

The “aguinaldo” is a mandatory annual payment given in the month of December, prior to the 20th, to each worker in Mexico.  This includes all employees in private industry, and all government employees.

The aguinaldo is equivalent to 15 days wages, or more.  For employees with less than a years service, a pro-rated payment is provided.

This puts added strain on cash flow and accounts payables for Mexican organizations during the month of December.  At the same time it creates a huge burst of economic activity throughout the country.

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16 responses

6 12 2006
juan pablo

IT is true that the “aguinaldo” causes a boost in mexican economy, but at the same time its important to say that there is plenty of working people that are not covered with it.
Aguinaldo among other payments that are required by law, are still dodged by a good part of companies in the country. President Calderon has a big task in finishing with this bad habit, and to make all businesses fair with the workers.

8 12 2006

I am curious about part time employees. I pay my housekeeper 300 pesos a week for 10 hours work. She works three mornings a week for 3 1/2 hrs. What does 15 days salary add up to? 15 times 100 pesos equals 1500 pesos–or double her weekly salary of 300 plus 100 for the extra day which equals 700? Does anyone know?

8 12 2006
juan pablo

Jude if the worker has been with you for over a year it has to be paid two weeks wages. Simple isnt?

8 12 2006

I agree with your comments Juan Pablo. Like most things in Mexico there is a law, but the enforcement and compliance leaves a lot to be desired.

Jude: In Mexico 15 days is considered two weeks. So as Juan Pablo pointed out, you should give an additional 2 weeks pay for the aguinaldo. In your case it will be MXN $ 600.00 plus the normal paycheck….minimum. In my home my wife also gives a small present along with the aguinaldo to workers in our home.

18 12 2006
Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Mexico: Christmas Bonus

[…] Lee Iwan describes Mexico’s annual aguinaldo: “This puts added strain on cash flow and accounts payables for Mexican organizations during the month of December. At the same time it creates a huge burst of economic activity throughout the country.” David Sasaki […]

18 12 2006
Magda Pablos

Hola, tengo un empleado que tiene ya 3 años trabajando conmigo, dice que le debo de pagar 20 días de aguinaldo, ¿cuanto es lo justo y legal? yo se que son 15 días., también les doy un regalo de parte de nuestra familia de agradecimiento. Muchas Gracias y Felicidades

12 04 2007

While 15 days is the minimum requirement for the aquinaldo payment , what is the common practice used by the majority of employers?

1 05 2007
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[…] countries require employers to provide a month of paid vacation and/or mandatory bonuses. Take the Mexican aguinaldo, for example, a mandatory Christmas bonus provided to every employee in Mexico and equivalent to 15 […]

17 06 2008
Wilma Nieves

Tiene un empleado derecho al pago de aguinaldo si trabajó solo un mes?
Cuanto tiene debe tener un empleado para que tenga derecho al pago de aguinaldo?

15 10 2008
Arturo Garcia

Hey to all, thanks for the Information, I’m just wondering which is the Article in the Mexican Constitution that states/enforces the “aguinaldo” law. Thanks and peace to all

1 09 2009

Should I be entitled to receive “aguinaldo” even if I’m an American working in Mexico or is this just for Mexican nationals? I reside in the U.S. but a cross into Mexico everyday to work for a maquiladora located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas Mexico (border city to Brownsville, TX). I get paid in dollars in the U.S. but it’s in Mexico that I provide my professional services 8 hours per day Monday thru Friday? Thanks!!

29 11 2011

i work in ingles individual and they are denying any type of christmas bonus is there anything i can do or go ??

29 11 2011
Lee Iwan

Contact the local office of COPARMEX, or call your local city government office to find out which department is responsible.

9 05 2014
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[…] an English-speaking tradition. For those of you working in Mexico, the "Aguinaldo" is a government-mandated end-of-the-year bonus. Feliz […]

16 07 2021
Christian relationship help

Christian relationship help

Christmas bonus – the aguinaldo in Mexico | Lee Iwan Accumulated Experience

12 08 2021
Top Relationship Expert

Top Relationship Expert

Christmas bonus – the aguinaldo in Mexico | Lee Iwan Accumulated Experience

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