The “entrepreneur vs. corporate world” debate continues

31 07 2006

The debate regarding working in a corporate environment versus becoming an entrepreneur is sure to get a large readership response these days.  Everyone wants to know “what’s better?” and why, and everyone has an opinion. 

The philosophical arguments are fun to listen to and evaluate, but at the end of the day, we all make choices about where and how we work, based on our individual circumstances, talents, skills, abilities, desires and fears.

Much of the pro-entrepreneur supporters promote the glory of doing what you like, when you like, and the freedom to make your own schedule.  Perfectly valid arguments.

The pro-corporate supporters point out that access to important resources, education, and information is hugely facilitated by corporate environments.  Again, perfectly valid arguments.

I’m a firm believer that each person decides upon a lifestyle, and makes all subsequent decisions in order to support their preferences.  Even the failure to choose a career and lifestyle is a decision and model now trumpeted as “Slacker”.  True happiness does not exist just because you are an entrepreneur or a corporate employee.  There are always tradeoffs in any situation and environment.

I moved from being an entrepreneur to a corporate environment and back several times in the course of my career.  During this time I also changed my country of residence from the USA to Mexico.  Every change was “better”, and more importantly allowed me to move closer to my lifestyle goal.   But none of changes gave me more time, or more money, or more stability.  Each change provide me with more of what I required at that time, but each had a price.

People don’t make changes unless they are unsatisfied with the current situation.  To make job and career changes in your life requires an adjustment and modification of many other actions.   It’s never all good, and it’s never all bad.

Next time you ponder leaving the corporate world to fly as an entrepreneur, give some serious thought to what you will be giving up as you reach for the new opportunity to change.  Determine what exactly is so attractive about changing jobs and job titles.

Are you just day dreaming and caught in a “grass is always greener” scenario?

Is the new lifestyle you wish create worth the sacrifice and risk?

Everyone is able to accept success, but are you willing to accept failure?

Could you achieve or move closer to your goals in your present situation?

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