Leadership is NOT about watching the competition

21 07 2006

Who is the leader in your industry and why? 

Is their leadership position related to: cost structure and distribution, creativity and innovation (research and development of new ideas and products), image and marketing (selling better), leadership and vision (creating the future and successful strategies)? 

At Slow Leadership, there is an excellent piece entitled “Slow Down and Play to your Strengths” which puts the idea of leadership and monitoring the competition into perspective.  It asks the question, do you have the courage, focus, patience, and thoughtfulness to manage and grow your organization on your terms? 

At first glance it appears very safe to follow, copy and react to the competition.  But what if the competition is watching and reacting to you?   This can only lead to a slow spiral of mediocrity and eventual stagnation and death of the participants. 

  • What are you creating and selling?  Why?
  • What strategies are you evaluating?
  • What risks are you willing to take to reach your objectives?

This concept also can be applied to your role and position at your company.

Who are you watching and copying or reacting too?

What strategies can you embrace or create, to become a leader and innovator inside your department or organization?

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