What are you doing to eliminate uncertainty at your workplace?

17 07 2006

The last week in Mexico has been filled with political, economic and social uncertainty due to the recent Presidential elections and failure to declare a clear victor. As the political parties are working overtime to sell their version of the truth, the rest of Mexico is trying to function “normally”. The uncertainty is affecting the way people live and work, and work/life decisions they are making or avoiding.

It makes perfect sense that uncertainty in our lives and business environment will cause; increased stress, conflicts, delayed decisions, anxiety, and wasted time. Decision-making will be altered, and priorities shifted until “stability” is achieved or perceived.

A leader will intervene at this critical time, to provide a plan or make the required decisions to limit or eliminate the doubt and uncertainty.

Failure to address these issues on time will insure that your leadership status will be diminished, work flow reduced, conflicts created and efficiency and effectiveness lowered.
Start a list, identify the areas of uncertainty that affect you, your department, your company, your industry. Ask your people what factors of uncertainty they can identify as important.

What can be done to reduce, control or eliminate the doubt and uncertainty you have identified?

Can you create scenarios, can you change important factors and outcomes, can you actively seek new ideas and solutions?

Your people expect you, as the leader, to identify and create strategies, to eliminate or minimize doubt and uncertainty….are you doing your job?

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