Airlines – smokers only – what’s next

28 06 2006

Boing Boing has alerted us to what a first seems like a crazy idea….an airline for smokers. Smintair is announcing a smokers flight from Germany to Japan.

While this will ruffle the feathers of the anti-smokers worldwide, is there anything wrong with identifying a potential niche in the marketplace and offering a service to that specific group?

I think people are willing to pay more for air travel (especially international and long haul flights) if they can feel more comfortable.

I know my last international flights left me in physical (and mental) pain due to lack of seat and leg room, and seat companions. The situation is getting worse, and I’m not the only voice that says so.

Airlines could implement and offer any of the following ideas (and charge for it) to make international and long haul travel more pleasant.

1. A separate kids and family section (to the great relief of millions of business travellers). Before you start your complaining….I’ve got children and travelled a lot with them….trust me when I say this is a great idea.

2. A section on the plane dedicated to large (overweight) and tall travellers. It’s horrifying to the overweight or tall traveller and to seat companions when they have to squeeze into a tourist class seat for 8 to 12 hours.

3. An entire plane filled with only business and first class seats to top business destinations

When you see it happen, remember you saw it here first.

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