Leon, Guanajuato – Footwear and Shoe Industry contacts

21 06 2006

I live in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico….which might mean nothing to you unless you are involved in the leather industry or shoe business. Leon is home to the majority of the leather tanneries and shoe factories in Mexico.

For those of you seeking industry contacts, here is a brief list of links to the major shoe related organizations in Mexico.


The biggest and most important international shoe fair in Mexico. Held two times per year. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.


The Mexican Shoe Association in the State of Guanajuato.


The National Association of Suppliers for the Footware Industry.

If you want to find reliable exporters of shoes, leather, and leather goods contact COFOCE. Highly recommended.

State Government of Guanajuato

Good overview of the State of Guanajuato, business opportunities and contact information for government and industry.

For more information or consulting assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

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77 responses

3 05 2007
Dave Johnson

I am interested in locating a factory capable of making quality ladies sandals in Mexico. I currently import most of my shoes from Italy. If you have factroy suggestions or ideas on whom I may contact it would be appreciated.

Dave Johnson

22 07 2007
Eli Yanez

I am in the beginning stages of opening a retail store and am looking for quality leather products that can be exported to the US. Any information on any products will be highly appreciated.

Eli Yanez

26 10 2007
Carlos Alcala


Myself and my partner are starting a new line of shoes in Los Angeles, C.A.. We have contracts with several artist such as; Babybash, Paul Wall, Paula Deannda, Mims, Stooie Bros., Donna Summers Son, some NFL Players and More. I am looking for a factory that can make our product soon due to some of our promoters will be having some concerts, interviews, award shows, etc. they will be attending. Any contacts for a great shoe Factory will be greatly appreciated. I have some friends who own Cadengito suellas y moldes in Leon but they are very busy and hard to get a hold of.

Carlos A. Alcala

29 10 2007
Pat Hackett

I have a customer that is marketing a patented ankle support and is now looking for a factory that can inset it into a basketball shoe.
His company has drawn designs and he just needs to be put in touch with the right factory. Can you help? Pat Hackett, Midwest Enterprises Inc.

2 11 2007
hugo chabala

i think of entering the shoe making industry, i need expert help, on processes. materials. suppliers and all

15 12 2007
Jim Ross

Hell I am living in Leon and I have been making shoes since 1985 if you need help please contact me, and I can provide information and assistance. My e-mail is jimrossy@hotmail.com. I can send photos of my past work, and I have experience in most manufacturing processes. I majored in chemical engineering at the University of Texas A & M. I have worked here in Leon for over 6 years, and before that I worked in France with Xavier Clergerie (the son of Robert Clergerie) and in South Korea working on athletic shoes.

25 05 2008
Doran Santiago Ramos

I am looking for a job in Leon, I have been in the industry for over ten years, with over five years management. I was wondering if you would have any suggestions on jobs in Leon, my spanish is rusty but my family is from there. I have a resume and i hoping you were able to guild me. Thanks

26 06 2008
William Bentley

Hello Lee, I am looking for a high end shoe manufacture in Leon that is able to produce monthly quantities of 1000 shoes. My product needs to have materials of the highest quality. Lastly, the design of our shoes will be constantly changing in color, materials, and simple alterations to the base structure. These manufacturers need to be very up to date and versatile. Thank You

14 07 2008

Hi Pat,

This is Deedee Sullivan. I saw (& met Phoebe Snow last sunday & have been thinking of you so much more (than usual), so I googles you & Pat on the web. This is as far as I’ve gotten so far. I tried your old (we won’t say how old) phone numbers–to no avail. This chat room has to do with shoes and the Midwest, so I thought that I’d give it a try. If you are Patricia Beehner/Hackett, please get a hold of me. 503-735-0204. I’ve just been missing you & appreciating the many gifts that our friendship brought into my life.

Gratefully yours,

9 08 2008
Parveen Jakhar


I have done Post Graduation in Footwear Tech. and Management fron FDDI(INDIA). Rtght now working with a Footwear Component Unit based in Gurgaon (INDIA) as a Merchandiser and Productivity Incharge.

I am looking for a Responsible Footwear job outside INDIA.

Please contact me on my mailing address, I will not let you down ever.

Parveen Jakhar

23 02 2009
Teri Bethel

Hi I’m looking for a company that can manufacture ladies high fashion footwear using my hand painted fabrics.


14 05 2009
elizabeth Gonzalez

i have a mexican imports store and i am looking for some leather shoes for my store to sale and i wanted to see if you have any information on importing shoes to the u.s. from Leon GTO. I too am from Dolores Hidalgo GTO. but there is no factorys there im wondering if you could help me find some Factories from Leon GTO that are willing to send Leather Shoes over to the u.s. please contact me thank you

26 05 2009

My Name Is Chris, we are the largest producers of Emu in the US. We are trying to find a buyer for our Emu Leggins. They are an exotic leather and are exquisite on shoes, boots, etc. Contact me for pictures and info. thank you.

21 10 2009
Marie Aceves

I’m looking to manufacture a shoe line and would like to manufactue in Mexico. I would like to know if you can refer me to a contract manufacturer that can produce my shoe line and also has the capabilites of vulcanization. Furthermore, the contract manufacture must be well versed in leathers and canvus.
Thank you

29 12 2009

I have imported wedding gowns and evening wear from India and China in the past and would like to begin importing quality shoes from Mexico. Thank you.

18 01 2010

Is Leon the correct city to source handbag manufacturers in as well as shoes? It would be for suede and leather handbags and some regular fabrics. Please advise. Thank you, Sherry

11 02 2010

i need help in finding work boots that are made in leon guanajuato mx.I have been looking everywhere in the internet for those boots. Please help look for the factory where they are manufactured. thank you

13 06 2010
Warren Jackson

My partner and I are getting into the shoe industry and we are looking for a Company/Factory in Mexico that can provide safety shoes and boots. I need to know if they can also provide a cataloge on the safety shoes they produce.

2 07 2010

I am living and working in Mexico for a while and last winter I started I retail store of apparel in Cancun. I would like to expand the store by adding a collection of shoes.
Is it possible to find blank, brand-less shoes in Guanajuato?
and if there exists markets where you can buy them directly or do you have to buy them from the factories?

thank you for your help,
kind regards,

21 08 2010

Hi I’m looking for factories that can export leather hand bags (womens purses) to Canada. Would you know of any companies?

Thank You,


31 08 2010
Claudio Gross


23 09 2010
Angelica Negrete-Willborn

I will be in Leon the first week of November, I am looking for stores/factories where I can purchase folklorico dance shoes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

30 09 2010
Sean Vincent

I’m looking for a factory that can produce high end womens bridal and evening shoes i mainly use [satins, silks and lace] i will be selling my collection online and in specialty boutiques in New York City where I’m baseed.


Sean Vincent

30 09 2010
Sean Vincent

I’m looking for a factory that can produce high end womens bridal and evening shoes i mainly use [satins, silks and lace] i will be selling my collection online and in specialty boutiques in New York City where I’m based.


Sean Vincent

25 11 2010

sono un modellista di calzature Italiani e vorrei lavorare con delle aziende Messicane.

25 12 2010
cecelia gonzalez

I would like to start a shoe business that specializes in wide widths for women. Can you help me?
Thank You, Cecelia

3 01 2011
Mauricio Schwabe

Tengo interes en exportar calzado mexicano para Brasil, podría ayudarme con fabricas, productos y formas de envío, yo tengo los clientes en Brasil con grande potencial de compra.

Aguardo su contestación


7 01 2011

Hi, I live in Nigeria and I want a company that can produce shoes (casual & office), sandals and slippers for males, females and children.

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you

25 02 2011
jesus sanchez

puedo hacer un comentario muy compremetedor para mi yo soy de leon gto y radico en el edo de texas mis conocimientos es sobre las horma para zapatos en el ambito de modelos para calzado,en leon tengo muchos amigos que son fabricantes de zapatos ,de todos los estilos para damas caballeros jovenes ..etc, para deportes . en fin mi atrevimiento es buscar en grande un trabajo en donde por primera vez yo pueda demostrar lo que se puede hacer en cuestion de comercio internacional ,pero con la ayuda de los senores que decen este tipo de comercio , en leon gto, a otros lugares . .

6 04 2011
Geoff Smith

Dear Lee,

My wife and I currently manage a baby furniture import business in Australia using a large factory in Ho Chi Minh City. The cartons that the furniture is packed in is becoming heavier and harder to handle. We are considering selling the business to concentrate on smaller products such as shoes. We are both golfers and my wife has purchased 8 pair of golf shoes manufactured in Mexico and go by the brand name of ‘Sand-Baggers’. Can you please advise us what factory in Mexico produce the shoes so that we may contact them with a view to have shoes manufactured in our own brand name.

Kind Regards,

Geoff Smith

17 05 2011
Dierdre Wallace

Dear Mr. Iwan,

Hope you are well.

I am a shoe designer that recently started a line for women’s high fashion heels. I am looking for a new ODM factory who are open to do small order quantities. If you have any leads I would be much obliged.



17 05 2011
/Dennis A

Good afternoon I am hoping you can help me with what I am looking for. I am looking for a manufacturer of leather goods in particular Bible covers or bags. If you can help me or tell me where to it would be of great help. I am looking to buy frequently and in big quantaties.

thank you


11 07 2011
Grecia Val Gon

Dear Lee,

Thank you for providing your shoe industry contacts to us. I am a shoe designer from LA who has never had any of my work actually manufactured. I’m hoping you could give me some advice on the first steps I should be taking… your help will be greatly appreciated!



16 08 2011
Rosa Garcia

I am interested in receiving information on any companies that may import footwear to the US. Would really like some type of listing or website that I can refer to. Thank you.

17 08 2011
John c

Thanks for the tips. In Mexico currently looking for manufactures. Will be in leon shortly. I have very limited spanish I am hoping that most companies that are interested in exporting will have someone that has goodenough English to nitpic the details?

6 09 2011
david mccann

hello,i am looking for a manufacturer of bags to make some custom designs for me,either in guanajato or guadalajara.i have found some,but it seems difficult to get through sometimes.it doesnt have to be a huge company.
david mccann

24 09 2011
Janet Halada

Here are two links to an oral history of one of the best shoe makers in the world. I knew this guy who went by the name of Barney Charest rather than Bernard Charest. He grew up in Lewiston, Maine, the same town as I did. We were not close friends but I remember him as being a really nice guy of 18 or 19 back around 1960. Lewiston, Maine was possibly THE major shoe manufacturing city in the USA and apprently he was one of the best, who he says was taught by 2 of the best. It’s a very interesting oral history of the shoe industry and a talented man that traveled the world teaching his craft. The first site is the pdf document of the taped interview and the second is the actual audio tapes.
The documentry was made in 2007 and Barney died in 2009. You can kind of tell from the audio tape that he was not well even in 2007. I currently live in Ajijic, Mexico and was very interested in knowing that Barney was sent to Leon for a few months to get a manufacturer organized. He then returned back to Lewiston and Mr. Corelli who owned the business called two weeks later and implored Barney to return. Barney ended up spending 4 1/2 years in Leon teaching and operating Mr. Corelli’s shop of over 400 employees. In the pdf document the name of the town (Leon) say its not audible but it certainly is on the voice recording. I know all you leather craft men who are proud of your as proud of your craft as he was, will appreciate this 22 page documentry.


Click to access swoh001.pdf


25 09 2011



28 09 2011
Leather Handbags

Thanks for the industry contacts. May come in useful for leather handbags.

18 10 2011
Anne King

I wish to purchase leather bags, and belts etc from Leon in Mexico. Can anyone help by putting me in contact with a good manufacturer.

3 12 2011

Hi I am looking for a shoe maker in Mexico who custom makes shoes, any colour, any size and any style.

23 01 2012

Hello Mr. Iwan,
I just came from La Barca, Mexico. I am really lost, stay at home mom and was just inspired by Mexicos’ motivation in business and outstanding balance of work and fun. I am Mexican-American and bilingual and just met with some family with extensive knowledge of the clothing business. However, I became passionate about starting my own business with emphasis on infant to children shoes. My family lacks knowledge of the shoe industry and all I know is that Guanajuato, Mexico is the place to go for quality leather shoes. My goal is to start up a small business which focuses on infant to children’s shoes in a “tiangis” in U.S. and expand from there. Can you please help me with resources, importing, and how you negotiate price?


2 03 2012

I want to open a shoe store in the US. Can you direct me to suppliers. Thanks

17 03 2012

I am looking for a manufacturer in Mexico of high quality children’s footwear (soft soled and rubber bottomed shoes).


20 03 2012

ola busco la fabrica de zapatos filanto

9 04 2012
J. Morris

I’m looking for a custom shoe/boot maker that can accommodate large orders.

2 05 2012
Cpt. Canuk

I would like to solicit your expertise. Can you please contact me at my email addy.

9 05 2012
M. Islam

Working in leather sector – expeienced and reliable source for leather from asian sub-continent. Hope and look forward to work with North american countries.

28 09 2012
L Ramirez

I would like to start a line of canvas shoes with our logo and need help finding a company/manufacture who can make them for us in Mexico and ship them to the US.

Please advise and recommend any manufacturing companies.

Thank you,

28 09 2012

With pleasure I can help with this project. I need to know more about the construction and type of sole they want to use, and also have a means of direct contact as an email address. I have really, speaking what they’re looking for. I await your feedback.

Sincerely Mauricio

29 09 2012
L Ramirez

Here is my email address

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you,

30 09 2012
L. Ramirez

Hola Maurico, I also forgot to mention the bottom of shoe will be made of plastic material – what all canvas shoes are made of. Example: same material tom shoes are made of just with a more durable bottom.

Please email as soon as you can at Manager@Preciousgemsz.com
Thank you,

16 10 2012
R. Resendez

I have been tinkering with shoemaking for approximately 2.5 years and I am wanting to know the ins and outs of working with the Mexico industry. I know they have wonderful products with amazing talent and skill, when it comes to leather. I am considering starting a shoe line eventually but I am not quite sure where to start. I currently live in Dallas, TX. Any advice would be appreciated.

18 10 2012
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15 02 2013


15 04 2013
Emil Thompson

Looking for sandal manufacturer in Mexico who can produce my designs in small to large quantities…. Please contact me at ( ooakifootwear@gmail.com )
Emil is my name / or ( 813 ) 638-1711

23 04 2013

I am looking for a shoe (women’s flat) and a handbag manufacturer in Leon, Guanajuato.

Please let me know if you have a list of recommended manufacturers. I have tried contacting CICEG, but have been unsuccessful in locating someone.

Please email me.

Thank you.

30 04 2013
Olivia Sanchez

I want to open a store to sell stacy Baldwin shoes can you direct me to some manufacturers please thank-you Mrs. Sanchez

3 05 2013
Mauricio Schwabe

Hello, we are manufacturers of women’s shoes, if you are interested please send email to: mauricios@brasymex.com, thank you!

4 08 2013
miguel fernandez

anyone know a factory or even a small shop that can make me some leather stuff I plan on exporting my ideas to the usa and will like to try it out and see what happens so if anyone out there does know feel free to send me some phone numbers and names i speak spanish so for me is no problem communicating. thanks miguelfernandez560@hotmail.com. alguien que conozca alguna fabrica de piel en leon. me gustaria hacer el intento de comenzar un negocio en usa y me gustaria que alguien me mande nombres y telefonos de fabricas, no me importan si son chicas pero que sepan hacer lo que yo necesito. gracias. miguelfernandez560@hotmailcom

27 08 2013
khaleelur rahman

Hello shoe manufactures,designers and traders.we are manufacturer of RED HAIR sheep skin for mens and ladies shoes .customer’s who are interested
may contact us at tahareemambur@yahoo.com

24 01 2014

Hi, I live in Canada and I am looking for a shoe maker in Mexico who custom makes women shoes, any colour, any size and any style I will provide. I am sure Mexico is the right place but I don’t know where to go exactly. Please let me know if you have the information at susynasr@hotmail.com I speak spanish as well. Thank you

2 08 2015

Hello, We´re Spanish manufacturer of baby and children shoes.
We offer Children Shoes made in Spain 100%, with high quality in genuine leather.
Our company have several collection for children shoes, with different styles, colors and leather ( boxcalf, patent and suede) with a very good ratio of price / quality.
If you´re interested, please contact to export2@expocant.com
Thank you

22 03 2016
Maria Martinez

Hello Lee, I am a rain boot designer, and am looking for manufacturing resources. My boots are fashionable, and made out of fabric, unlike the traditional galoshes.
Can you give me some factory resources that can work with different designs, please?
All your help is greatly appreciated.

1 08 2016
Darren Stevens

Hello my name is Darren and i am looking for a shoe manufacturer in Mexico that can Manufacture Mens and Ladies Shoes to any quantity between 50,000.00 and 100,000.00 , all year round . ? .

If someone could help we would sincerely appreciate it .

9 08 2016
Isaac Fernandez

Hello I’m about to start my own shoe retail business. I’m looking for a manufacturing business in Mexico or Guatemala that makes good leather women shoes.
I’m also looking for an experience shoe designer.

Contact me if you meet or know information about any of the information above.
Email: dannyfernandez01@me.com
Text: (919) 622-5073

( I currently live in the US. North Carolina)

9 08 2016
Darren Stevens

Hello can someone please help me as i require a dedicated shoe Manufacturer to Manufacture our new production line of shoes ? .

Please send genuine Manufacturers contact details to my email address darren7456@hotmail.com ,thank you so much to whom can help me out and i hope that i can help in return .

Kind regards
Darren Stevens .

4 10 2016
Brad Alan

Looking for a shoe manufacturer to produce high heel shoes with a new patent pending concept. The concept is high heel shoes that transform to flat or mid heel shoes. They are 3 shoes in 1. This is a concept that women love. Contact us at anyoccasionshoes@live.com.

28 12 2016

Hi my name is Christine , I am in the process in starting my shoe company and clothing line. Those are my major goals in life.
I do have a few questions for you, I’ll appears your feedback.


Christine Garcia

16 01 2017
Gustavo Vargas

Im interested in shoe repair products .Im located in Calif . I need rubber heels . Soles , protective soling sheets etc . My name is Gus Vargas

11 02 2017
teresa costa

I am interested in having some samples made from an ethical shoe manufacturer in mexico. My collection is mostly womens heels made in all synthetic leather. Please send me more info.

28 04 2017
Cathi bach

I am travelling to Guanajuato and looking for reputable shoe factory to work with to produce a leather sandal I want to market. Please write me with any referrals and if available to meet. cathibach@hotmail.com. Thank-you, Cathi

21 06 2017
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17 07 2017
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3 02 2020
tash meir

hi there,

I am looking for a factory in mexico that can do small scale private label leather goods (gloves, bags and jackets). We are traveling to Leon Mexico next week so please let me know if there are people or places we can go.

Thank you!

14 04 2020
Reginald Greene

I am looking for an manufacture in Guanajuato that I can get to make me sneakers for an private label. Can you please send me the contact information for 3 companies. Your assistance in this matter would be most appreciated.

6 05 2020

Looking for a quality manufacture, low overhead with great reputation, ability to hand make leather sandals, stitching etc.

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