Corporate Leadership and Managers still aren’t listening.

19 06 2006

For years business management books, consultants, media articles, conferences and seminars have told us that clear communication between leaders, management and front-line workers are critical to business success.

So why don’t we get it?

Nic Paton has an interesting piece on this topic entitled “Leaders don’t listen, don’t manage and don’t have a clear vision” in the June 19, 2006 Management-issues newsletter.

Is this a human communication problem that can’t ever be solved?

Is it somehow related to the lack of transmitting clear corporate objectives to the organization?

Does it involve the lack of trust and honesty between the executive suite and the front line troops?

Is it an attitude of arrogance that comes with the position of leadership?

Is it specific to business in the USA, or shared on an international level?

Why can’t we listen, learn and share in business when everyone understands it is fundamental and critical to business success and survival?




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