When your brand gets accepted by the wrong consumers

16 06 2006

Here is an interesting dilemma. Frederic Rouzaud, managing director of Louis Roederer, apparently made some comments regarding the use and promotion of their premium champagne, Cristal, by rappers. This has offended the rap community, and Jay-Z is now leading a boycott of the product within the community.

CNN has the article: Jay-Z leads Cristal boycott

It appears that Louis Roederer believes that the rappers may be harming the elite, sofisticated image that Cristal has created.

Forget for a minute that champagne, rappers and different cultures and languages are involved. What happens when your product becomes tied to a group of consumers that does not fit into your marketing and product image?
Do you push them away or create a new image to include them?

Is the publicity and possible controversy good or bad for your brand?

Does this strengthen your brand in the eyes of your target customers, or weaken it?




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