Does your company like new ideas?

13 06 2006

How receptive to new ideas, re-invention and creativity are you and your company?  

Are you “Pro-Ideas” or “Anti-Ideas”? 

The first reaction is to say “we are always looking for new ideas” or “we must have new ideas in order to survive”…”we love new ideas”….” we work hard to generate new ideas all the time”…. but is it really true? 

How do you react initially to new ideas and re-invention?  Are you threatened, refreshed, challenged or exhausted?

How do you compensate (reward) the employee or group that generates a new idea?   I’m talking about rewarding idea generation.  This is very different from rewarding ideas that are implemented. 

Does your company encourage idea generation…

Do you have a reward system for ideas that come from suppliers or customers?  Why not? 

Who are the “evaluators” of new ideas in your company?   Who says, “this is a good idea” or “this is a bad idea” and has the final say whether or not to implement it?

Are these individuals or committees powerful within the organization?  Are they also the people responsible for the implementation of the ideas?  Are these the right people for the job of idea evaluation? 

Does your company embrace speakers, seminars, retreats, conferences, or other off-site activities in order to promote idea generation and creativity?  Who in the organization goes to these events, only top executives?  Are middle managers, administrative and front line workers included in this type of activity…why not? 

How does your organization first react to new ideas?  Criticism (“it won’t work because”, “it will cost too much”), or Supportive (“tell me what problem this solves”, “why do you think we should implement this”).

Most new ideas generated will not work, it’s well known that only a tiny percentage of new ideas will be implemented and actually function, but that is NOT the reason to squash all new ideas.   A company that promotes idea generation will have more opportunities at finding these “winning ideas” and survive and prosper.



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