International Business Trip Planning, Part 3

10 06 2006

What to pack, what to wear?

  1. What type of clothing will you need?  Formal or semi-formal, business casual, outdoors or work clothing, travel clothing, for sleeping?
  2. What type of shoes will you absolutely need for work and travel?
  3. Count on using hotel laundry for trips that last more than 1 week. This is not a fashion show, it's business.
  4. Use synthetic and synthetic/natural fabrics that don't wrinkle easily.
  5. You should be able to mix and match your clothes, bring basic colors and not too many patterns.
  6. Before packing, lay out your complete outfit for each day of your trip, where can you eliminate items?
  7. Always bring one extra shirt/blouse and a light jacket or sweater, preferably in your carry-on bag..
  8. Spend the money on a great carry-on or suit bag, trust me, it’s worth every penny.
  9. Medicines.  Bring a supply of your daily medications, and 4 or 5 extra doses (in case of flight cancellations, extended trips, etc.).  This should be in your carry-on luggage.
  10. Personal grooming items.  Buy small travel sized items.  Use ziplock bags for liquids.  Keep these in your carry-on bag.



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