International Business Trip Planning, part 2

9 06 2006

What business tools and toys do you need to bring with you?

1. Make a written list of the essential hardware, computers, cables, cell phones and accessories, projectors, software, archives, catalogues, price lists, promotional items, etc. you need at least 2 weeks before the trip.

2. What do you have to bring, rent, or send?

3. What type of electrical current and electric plugs are available at your destination? Do you need new or replacement batteries or light bulbs?

4. Put all of the items on your list in one physical location 24 hours before leaving town.

5. Pack your bag(s) completely the night before you leave.

6. Have all your important business information in an remote- accessible backup location on-line. If possible (if the information is not super secret), carry copies in CD’s, diskettes, USB flash drive, or in old fashioned paper.




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