How to do Business in Mexico, Part 6

7 06 2006

Things NOT to talk about

I would recommend listening and watching others before making any comments or bringing up potentially “difficult” themes (religion, politics, abortion, immigration).  Get a feel for your group and their interests (and opinions) before blundering in your comments, criticisms and “great ideas”.    Be very careful NOT to bluster, rant and rave or carry on about how magnificent and wonderful the US is compared to Mexico.

If asked your personal opinion about a “difficult” theme, be honest, but remember to keep it light and brief. 

Many Mexicans want you to explain US government policies and culture, immigration decisions, economic policies…. if this is not possible, be honest and don’t enter areas of conflict or spread misinformation.

Disclaimer The ideas presented are personal opinions and generalizations based upon 25+ years interacting, living and working in and with Mexico.  None of this may be true, use the information at your own risk



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