How much time do you spend with statistics?

7 06 2006

Click on over to “The Harvard Management Update: Five Guidelines for Using Statistics” and then over to the Carmine Coyote blog “Slow Leadership, Getting Your Numbers Right”  for some great observations regarding the use (and misuse) of statistics and numbers in business today.

I have always felt that the current urgency to quantify and put numbers on every part of the business process, and then to concentrate and focus on managing these numbers just isn’t right.  

Numbers and statistics are, and can be, incredible important, but only as signposts or signals as Carmine Coyote points out.

It will always depend upon the “human factor”, analysis and creativity, that ultimately determines if a business survives, grows and adapts on time to the changing environment. 

Are you analyzing the right numbers and looking at the right relationships?

Are you asking the right questions? 




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