How to do business in Mexico – Part 1

6 06 2006

Introduction – In this series “ How to do business in Mexico”, I plan to provide tips, advice, things to watch out for, things to accept, and other related matters about how to do business with Mexico. I cannot tell you if working in or doing with Mexico is good or bad. There are benefits, disadvantages and risks. I know success stories and failures, but I strongly believe that if you have this information, doing business will be easier, with less problems, and will be more efficient.

Mexico is an immense country, with enormous economic and social contrasts, thousands of cultural and regional differences, and a complex history that probably can never be understood completely by the foreign business person.

Disclaimer The ideas presented are personal opinions and generalizations based upon 25+ years interacting, living and working in and with Mexico. None of this may be true, I may be living in a fantasy world, use the information at your own risk.




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