Human Resources – Change Leadership Advocates?

31 05 2006

Rosa Say has a brilliant and intuitive entry on her blog Talking Story, The Reinvention of Human Resources. The HR role has been severely neglected as a catalyst and champion for real change within organizations. She has identified a number of major problems that exist AND offers creative solutions. Great job.

Some excepts include:

“Stop being the employee’s advocate, and give that job completely to the managers who supervise them. Forge a brand new partnership and become the manager’s advocate instead, mentoring, coaching, and supporting those managers and emerging leaders to be the EVERYTHING they should be to the people they work with. Coach them to treat their employees as business partners and nothing less. Understand that clearly, the barriers to increased workplace productivity are largely management issues.”

“Assume responsibility for grooming Great Managers. Learn to do what I do and be a coach in leadership education. I’ll be blunt: If you don’t do this and abdicate the job to the executive level there is little reason left to have HR at all, for the rest of what you now do can be easily outsourced without any lack of quality assurance.”

“Become change agents like no others. Realize that ‘change management’ doesn’t cut it, for it is reactive and not proactive. You must go for the gusto with change leadership — initiate it!”

This may be revolutionary for many in the HR world, and no doubt be soundly rejected initially by executive management. But I’m betting her ideas are right on target.

This is the “kick in the pants” many organizations need.

Read and pass this idea on to everyone you know involved in HR (managers included!), and let the leaders step forward.


The Reinvention of Human Resources




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