Another Secret to Success: Pay Attention and Change

29 05 2006

I’m sure it’s no surprise to learn that your actions (or lack of action) provoke similar actions and reactions of those around you, your competitors, and influence other cultures and countries.

We live in an eco-system; we work in a global-national-regional-local economic system, and base our decisions and way of life on social-educational-moral-religious systems.

3 Characteristics of Systems and Environments

  1. There is no right or wrong in a system. Everything moves to accommodate or take advantage of the changing environment. Right or wrong becomes an individual evaluation dependent upon expected or required outcomes.
  2. Environments are in constant movement, and as such, provide the opportunity to learn from the past and make predictions and strategies about the future. Contingency planning and strategic planning can be valuable tools if sufficient information about the systems and influential factors are available.
  3. No matter how much you know about a system, there are always unexpected influences that will modify it, and provide surprises as to the degree of modification or reaction.
  4.  When we seek the “right” way to do things, to optimize profits, to lower costs, to find the perfect marketing program, to have more free time, or be more productive, we are actually searching for “spaces” and opportunities that exist in our environments, that permit us to achieve our goals.

These “spaces” or opportunities are in constant flux, driven by two well-known ideas; the theory of supply and demand and the theory of “natural selection”, and these “opportunities” will always change or disappear. That’s right, there is no permanent solution. As we move and modify our habits, resources, needs and desires….this creates modifications in your related universe of family, friends, co-workers, suppliers and consumers, raw materials and finished products and services.

Everything changes.

The push toward embracing and adapting rapidly to change, seeking diversity in your workplace or community, flexibility, exploring new methods of doing business all are related to one simple goal. Maintaining or increasing our desired outcomes in a constantly changing environment.

What major life or business factors do you assume will never change?  Why?

Are you trying to maintain a stable situation in a chaotic environment?

In your workplace, are you and your organization constantly watching and modifying your goals and actions to match the changing environment?

Do you wait to make major shifts in goals and behavior, or is there a method in place to adapt to daily-weekly-monthly changes?

Are your personal systems flexible enough to move, be easily modified or change entirely to take advantages of minor to major shifts that occur in family and social environment?

Are you tolerant of diversity? Do you see diversity as a factor that will help you obtain your goals, or do you see it as a threat to your goals and place in the system?



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