Passion – Enthusiasm – Common Sense?

25 05 2006

Are you passionate and enthusiastic about your business?

I find myself stumbling over the following buzz words as I read blogs, news articles and web-pages. It’s the “new” business idea sweeping the press.

Customer evangelist

Technical evangelists

Employee evangelism




It’s as if everyone thinks they have discovered fire, is it really that earth-shaking to realize that when people really like what they do, or really like what they buy, it’s good for business?

Common sense tells me that if you and your workers are proud of making and selling your product or service, and enjoy what they do, and see a future in it…they are going to be happy and enthusiastic…and passionate about it.

If your customers find that the product or service works, makes them feel good or special doesn’t it make sense that they too will be happy and enthusiastic about it? Won’t they go out and tell others?

It’s a great idea of course, get everyone fired up and enthusiastic, send them out to spread the “good word” and watch sales increase, profits rise, and brand become entrenched……just don’t forget that passion is NOT about hype, it’s NOT about false promises, it’s NOT about promises that won’t come true.

Passion, evangelism and enthusiasm only work and can only be maintained when they come from honest emotions and a fundamental system of beliefs inside each individual or organization.

It’s all about people.

It’s long term, and it’s NOT about costs (well yes, it is, it’s going to cost money to set all these people on fire isn’t it?).



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