Crowdsourcing – a potential resource for your business

25 05 2006

Jeff Howe has written an article for WIRED about the phenomenom of "crowdsourcing" and it's use in business.

I first heard about a variation of crowdsourcing several years ago, with the SETI@home project. You could sign up your computer, and when it was idle would help process radio satellite data in the search for extra-terrestrials. Small cost for the computer owner, big help for the project.

Currently known as cooperative-computing or distributed computing some examples include:
World Community Grid an example of how your idle computer can help solve world problems

Google Compute helping to solve scientific problems related to protein folding.

Innovative companies are learning that they can get ideas, solve problems and identify trends at a hugely reduced cost by allowing the public to contribute. Look who's crowdsourcing

Trends are being identified by worldwide contributors who are not salaried employees. and

So what's so great about this? Imagine your business can now incorporate talented individuals worldwide, and this will allow you to reduce the time spent on gathering information, processing it, or better yet, lower the cost of obtaining the information or sharing it.

So now the only question is, how to integrate crowdsourcing into your existing business, or what new business can you develop using crowdsourcing as inspiration?
The Rise of Crowdsourcing

Look who's crowdsourcing



One response

12 09 2006
Lionel DAVID

Hello, I’m the founder of a new crowdsourcing company which aims to design new innovative electronic products. This can be a revolution on the manufacturing industry. A well experienced team is already working on that project which is getting a lot of sponsor. Look at the blog to get further details : Bookmark this address as we have scheduled to launch an official website by the mid of october for joining this promising community.

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