Who do YOU trust?

19 05 2006

This morning I had a meeting with a successful businessman who was requesting assistance with a major issue impacting his business and operations…..trust.

He explained that trust (or better…the lack of trust) is his biggest problem with employees and his bottom line. The control systems required to monitor or prevent “situations” are costly, burdensome and anti-motivational. He understands all this, and was lamenting how 20 years ago you could trust people and their word, and their commitment to their job.

What happened?

Where or when did a person’s word not bind them to a responsible course of action?

Where did the trust go?

Is this an isolated case, or is the lack of trust ever-present in our modern world?

Is it related to our new career model of changing companies and jobs every 2 or 3 years in order to succeed?

Specifically how do you create a system of trust, controls and incentives that assists your suppliers, employees and teams to produce and remain motivated and protects the company from abuses? It’s a bit of a “what comes first the chicken or the egg” dilema isn’t it?

Do you have a similar situation in your workplace…what’s being done about it?



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