Short and to the point

17 05 2006

Good idea here at, Brevity Rules

Why do we tend to go on and on before getting to the meat of the message?

Insecure with our ideas? This causes us to ramble and try and touch on some topic that might help us convince the audience. Sit down and work out how to shorten and condense the message, and less time on tweaking PowerPoint presentations.

Cultural differences. I live and work in Mexico where the majority of any business situation is a virtual dance around current events, family, politics and then the matter at hand. Brevity can be seen as rude or discourteous.

We are not trained for brevity (efficiency). Our schools and work situations do not push us (or provide rewards) to research, process and condense our ideas in an efficient form. This is easity changed by rewarding (thanking) people around you when they deliver a "short and sweet message".

So what is preventing you from making your conversations and presentations highly focused and to the point?




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