Weird Ideas that Work

16 05 2006

Ran across an old issue of Fast Company, and the article Fresh Start 2000: Weird Ideas that Work

Weird Idea #1. Hire slow learners of the organizational code.
Weird Idea #1 1/2. Hire people who make you uncomfortable — even those whom you dislike
Weird Idea #2. Hire people whom you (probably) don't need.
Weird Idea #3. Use job interviews to get new ideas, not just to screen candidates
Weird Idea #4. Encourage people to ignore superiors and peers.
Weird Idea #5. Find happy people, and let them fight.

I've seen this work in many different situations, from retail to manufacturing…why? Diversification, different methods of problem solving, the need to "sell" your ideas to others who are different….we could make a list that goes on and on. Many of our company policies focus on trying to make everyone "look" or "act" like each other….a group mindset that stuns and stifles innovation and creativity. This might be just fine if your company is not seeking innovation and creativity (sometimes new ideas scare the devil out of managers and organizational types)….but if you are actively looking to create an environment that sparks and foments innovation…consider these ideas.

The corporate and human resources problem is also clear…..who monitors and supervises the "weirdness" situation (take heed about not too weird, not too fast), and more importantly who convinces the executive management that this idea will provide creativity, innovation, and ultimately profit?

I personally love change in organizations, and implementation of new ideas, and weird people… about you?



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