Motivation…what gets you out of bed?

7 05 2006

Depending upon your age and stage in life you will be motivated by varying degrees of external and internal factors.

What makes to get up and go to work …fear?….economic reward?…enjoy the challenge?…..feel alive when you are at work?….others depending on you?

When you are primarily influenced by external factors (other's depending on you…..fear of failure or losing your job….economic necessity), your level of enthusiasm will be low, you will not like what you are doing, and you will be unhappy and unmotivated.

When you are influenced by internal factors (reaching your goals, making your own challenges, working with your ideas), your level of enthusiasm will be high, you will have more energy, you will achieve more, you will have more success….you will be motivated!

So the secret is… do you develop goals and plans that make YOU excited?

How do you make your own agenda?

What can you do today to change your situation and the way you think about it?

To get started, take a look at this list from Seven Rules of Motivation:



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