What are you shooting at?

5 05 2006

I've seen too many people scurrying about trying to do their jobs without determining objectives and targets. It's possibly the biggest problem that exists in every business, and quite easily solved.

For example, the manager who spends his day putting out fires and fixing urgent situations can fall into his chair at night and feel satisfied….really worked hard today….solved a lot of problems. What are his objectives and goals as the manager?…..problem solving yes….but isn't problem prevention more important?

So many times the distractions steer us away from the real reason we are at work. It's a bit like an archery contest…you've been hired as an expert to hit the center of the target….the more times you do it the happier everyone will be….but it turns out that you spent your time watching the other archers…..researching "new and improved" bows……flirting with the spectators…..combing the weather reports for tomorrow's forecast….telling the boss that you probably will have very difficult competition and might not win.

Take the beginning of each day and deterimine your reason for being at work. What are your objectives? Where is the target?

Take aim and shoot for the center.




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