Lists – Can’t live without them

5 05 2006

My professional career began in a retail business, working with perishable products and 70 employees. I always had a clipboard filled with lists, notes and paperwork at my side for 5 years. I learned how to organize my work day and life by using lists, and strongly recommend that everyone get in the habit of writing down their projects, objectives and to-do lists as a way of making their lives efficient and productive.

The current “Getting Things Done” trend, brilliantly summarized by David Allen, is all about lists….it’s Old School…and it works.

1. Writing it down gets it out of your head, reducing brain noise.

2. Reviewing the list allows you to prioritize activities easily and determine what resources you need to finish the activity

3. Can’t forget it if you have written it down

Do it right now… it everyday……you will be surprised at how it makes life easier and more efficient.




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