Apps to bring to a desert island

5 05 2006

I've discovered that the majority of new software and applications (S&A) I download or purchase are really cool for about 2 days, and then get stored on my hard disk, never to be used again.

BUT….there are some applications that I just love, and use constantly, and would never consider living without….some of them are:

1. Firefox – I love it, the Internet the way I want to see and manipulate it. The extensions, the security, the ease of use….do yourself a favor and try it….you may never be the same again.

2. Gmail with Thunderbird – The combination makes my email life a breeze…I can find what I want and filter it to where I want it.

3. SKYPE – took a while to fall in love, but suddenly I SKYPE everyone, savings on personal and professional long distance calls are significant, and voice quality seems to improve every month.

4. MindJet MindManager – Mind Mapping is for me. I know this application has made me more productive and energized when working with projects and brainstorming.

5. Microsoft Word – I hear complaints, and have tried the competition, but I think this program can do everything I want to do when it comes to writing and word processing.




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